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Wilder Woods - Hillside House

Wilder Woods - Hillside House

Uploader: Wilder Woods

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Duration: 03:49

Date: August 08, 2019

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Written by: William Rinehart, David Leonard

Every time the shower runs
Or the floorboards creek, or the door slams shut
I can hear your voice when the dishes shake
In the bedroom window I can see your face

Yeah we chose this street
Moved on in to watch our boys grow into men
And it’s hard to think of this hillside house
What it might look like without you around

While we’re still young
Oh and we still can
Gonna wrap you up in my arms again
Because I dreamed last night
I was old and alone
Andour hillside house
It was still my home

Gonna take my time
Gonna know your heart
Gonna wake you u
Before the rain starts

I wanna be your light
I want to hold your hand
In the moonlight smile
I wanna be your man

Deep inside these walls
All the secrets, all we lost
If I was here and you were gone
Would I ask myself, “Did I waste it all?”

I might die inside this house
Trying to chase your memory down
I’d change the locks but there’d still be sound
So sing to me, go on sing it out

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