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Wilder Woods - Someday Soon (Acoustic)

Wilder Woods - Someday Soon (Acoustic)

Uploader: Wilder Woods

Size: 5.01 MB

Duration: 03:39

Date: May 08, 2019

Wilder Woods - "Someday Soon" Out Now

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There is a shadow in the hallway
Trying to frighten you
Don’t let the darkness surround you
You can make it through
Don’t you give up on the kingdom
Think it’s crashing in
No it ain’t worth all the worry, they’ll still let you in

Someday soon let your worries roll on
Someday soon enough

Sometimes the weight of decisions, will try to bury you
Don’t let the shame tell you something that you know ain’t true
Just cause you feel like a stranger, that don’t mean you are
God I could use a reminder, of what forgiveness is for

Sometimes the cold wind blows
Sometimes the wolves rush in
Don’t think the battles over just cause you say “Amen”

World Music No.1 From India